Sep 26

angry black woman

If you read the commentary on sites that are woman-centric and harboring a generally hostile community, you would feel as if the world has gone to hell and women were all out to get theirs at the expense of any man dumb enough to date them. But I have had a much different experience out in the real world where women have been respectful, sweet, and courteous and I can count the number of nightmare experiences on one hand… I know… lucky me.

Do you realize that the reason why so many men get ambushed by evil women on dates is because the majority of their experiences were actually decent women? Sure, chemistry may not work out to make for a love connection, but it’s only once in a blue you get that bossy, loud-mouthed user who demands you follow her expectations to a tee on what a date should demand.

One of the best and most refreshing comments I have ever read came from fellow blogger Tracy Renee Jones about her attitude when dating men:

Honestly, from hearing some of the comments on these sites it doesn’t seem like some of these women like men very much as just people.

If a man approaches me and is tripping over the “right” thing to say I have no problem with being extra polite to him even if I am declining to give out my number.

I’ve always loved being flirty with guys. A ‘hello’ is always answered with something flirty and cheeky..I wanna get a smile outta a cute guy too.

My motto has always been that ‘two can play the game’. I”m also very traditional as far as interaction goes between he and I but the mating dance is meant to have two people perform it.

Anything less is simply disinterest or a chick whose self esteem is so fragile that she requires a man to back flip for a treat.

If they made them all like Tracee I would not have much to write about now would I? Yet the sad fact of the matter is that her comment is amongst the rarest of the rare since many seem to go the way of the entitled and the embittered.

Much of this has to do with the articles we write. I know for a fact that women more than men tend to become defensive at generalizations and we take for granted that people who are outside of the group that we attack in text may still take offense to it. Think about the times when you’ve read an attack on “ghetto chicks” in an article and random MBA, cheese and wine, bourgee girl is in the commentary defending her.

The same goes when we see articles on how men can’t “handle” powerful career-driven women and the commentary erupts into 200+ women echoing a “hell yes” to the author’s blanket assumption. It gets us upset and annoyed right?

Knowing that we can be as reactionary as we are to text and opinion, men we cannot assume that the real women we meet to date will be of the same mindset as those who play the man-hater on blog commentary. Sometimes that blog personality is an evil harpy compared to the beautiful bird trolling behind the keyboard. So don’t ever let the mood of web spaces like this one lead you to believe that either sex behaves a certain way.

One of the main things that I try to drive home in my articles about dating and relationships is that you should never give up and keep on trying. Don’t let the trolls and bitter women of the internet kill your spirit gentlemen, a good percentage of it is brave posturing from a place of anonymity. Go forth and get your girl, and try your best not to punish her for what some crazy woman of the internet replied to you on a blog’s commentary.

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