Jul 12

Lately when talking to women about choosing the salon over the gym, I am given the feedback of  “we get our hair done for y’all”,  yet all of the guys I talk to say “we will take a girl with jacked up hair if she has a banging body” – so there seems to be a disconnect. Let me preface this by acknowledging that many guys are posers and are full of shit when talking to other men about their interactions with females. A guy who says he doesn’t care about hair may very well be the dude telling you that he wants your hair permed or there will be a problem. I get that and I know THAT guy, but THAT guy isn’t the one I asked about the body versus hair thing, I asked average Joe.

There has always been a question amongst us black males as to why the gyms are devoid of black female presence. Granted there are tons of fine, shapely, workout bunnies all about their fitness in the co-ed gyms, it just seems that I am loathe to find more than 1-2 black ones in any gym that I attend – and I have been to plenty! Hell  I went to a historically black University and the gyms there were void of women. Well I think I have the answer now, after polling numerous women and getting the honest answer and it goes back to the (drum roll) hairstyles.

Anything sans the natural hair that god gave you, or some variation of, will equate to a mess once rain hits it or sweat gets into it right? This of course strikes me as strange and ridiculous, but having stayed the course of dating the more worldly, earthy chicks, I have not had this question until recently. This topic is pretty touchy and there is a rebuttal based on anything stated against the $200 hairstyles that leans towards male privilege but I think there is a misconception based on us males that continues to linger. Women we universally will take a healthy, sexy, gym built woman with crappy hair, than a salon queen with back fat. Many guys cosign to this ladies, Meagan Good with an afro would be quickly chosen over Mo’Nique with a perm (forgive my rude comparison).

“Give me Medusa with a banging body and I’m still gonna get with her” – B.Gleezy

Excuses Excuses That’s All They Are
This excuse to not work out and stay shapely will not go away, but blaming it on us men wanting your hair tight needs to go. I cannot get into the mind of a woman – I understand that all the competitive, self-esteem, history stuff puts pressure on you to go with the flow and choose the salon over the gym. But when it comes to us guys and the laws of attraction, a powerful set of legs will beat out a “cute” hairdo every day of the week. I’m sure there are a few weirdos out there who are all about their woman’s hair, body be damned but this is not the majority.

I polled the boys and the consensus was banging body, cute face and a kick-ass attitude is enough to win the prize. Throw that mane back into a pony-tail and keep your health up to snuff. When you have a woman thinking it’s okay to eat carrot cake at 9:00 pm at night while making a bowl of spaghetti before bed, it doesn’t matter that she spent $200 to get braids put in for 12 hours. All we will see out of that is a big chick, with no shelf-life on a downward spiral to a heavy situation.

There’s nothing like a banging gym body, and as I have stated this is co-signed by most men of my ilk. I know that some of the fancy boys give you women a hard time about your hair, but they are not the masses. Get your asses into the gym stat!

Editors Note: Re-reading this it seems very anti-BBW and I must assure you voluptuous beauties that I absolutely mean no disrespect. I am not stressing thin, I am not stressing Madonna Grimes caliber of sexy, I am stressing health. Whenever I bring this topic up you throw us men under the bus to say it is our fault but come on now. What do you think?

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