May 16

goldie the pimp

It’s really sad when I hear young men claim that they do certain things in order to get women. Listen hard enough and it starts to look like their entire lot in life is to get women and nothing else.

The greatest secret ever revealed to man is that the more we put into ourselves and into our quality of life the more a woman will want to be a part of it. This is not an excuse to go and make it about women again by saying “I want to be a winner in life so that women will like me”, no it is to enjoy all of the pleasures of life (including the love of a woman) without enslaving oneself to the prospect.

Be about more than sex and the chance at it, because this is how you will survive this world of overly apologetic masculinity.

If you aim to get a raise on the job, aim to do so to afford a higher quality of life, to afford the things you wish to have, or to do a better job at maintaining. Don’t do it because more money will allow you to take dates out to more expensive restaurants, or because more money will yield you a fancy car that will no doubt fool girls into thinking that you have money.

If you aim to be a muscular, fitness-loving freak then do so because you love the iron, the sound of clanging weights, and the freedom to take off your shirt at will – do not do it because you think chicks dig muscles (you’d be surprised).

To be an extraordinary gentleman you should look out for number one first and foremost then court a woman as only a part of your life – not your entire being.

When we look at the world as a whole, it’s hilarious how different men and women are in our motivations. We could do to slow down a bit on the hunt and hone in on building up our base a bit more as men. How’s your confidence doing? Not so good? Well work on that and get to chasing skirt later.

One of the main reasons why so many women act over-privileged, spoilt, over-assuming, and righteous above men is due to our brethren choosing to go so embarrassingly hard at getting with them. Calm down and let the natural laws of attraction do their thing and do YOU first… always.

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