Jan 27

As dating and relationships have evolved, so have men and women.  You see a lot of men joining the metrosexual movement as a result of women wanting their men to show a more sensitive (feminine) side.  This is not the case for all women of course, but there are a lot out there who want a man who isn’t afraid to go get a manicure or pedicure.

Some women are wanting men who are willing to depart from the neanderthal ways of the past where women were beat over the head and dragged by ponytail.  But at the same time women do not want their men to become too feminine, and they want that neanderthal to come out at times.  Depending on what your approach is you have to know the right times to be the neanderthal and the times where it will get you in trouble.

leave the metrosexual stuff at home

When you are at work you need to leave the metrosexual stuff at home, you need to be assertive and command respect in the workplace.  If you are viewed as a pushover, or someone who can be pushed off of his opinion very easily then you will find yourself beind disrespected more times than not.  This does not mean you should not be a communicator and able to work easily with people to get things done, but you have to put out an aura of confidence in your views and opinions.  If your woman sees you handling business at work that will give her confidence that you can handle business in the household as well.

When things break around the house or somewhere else, then men should step up and play a major role in rectifying the situation.  If you ever watched the Cosby show, when things would break “Cliff” would always try to fix them rather than having his wife take care of it.  There will be times when the man won’t be able to fix it, but his woman will at least respect the fact he tried to do something rather than sitting on his ass watching her do it.

Being a man is as much about knowing when to put away the gruffness as it is taking care of your woman.  If your woman is having an event and wants you to attend, but your favorite team is playing a big game on Saturday, most men would find a way to watch the game.  But sometimes the manly thing to do is to make your woman happy, and surprise her by bucking the trend every now and then.  Most women in the situation are going to expect their man to find a way to watch the game, so taking charge and missing the game one time will show her you are not some mindless neanderthal.  Of course don’t do this too much, there are only so many games in a season.  Just tell your woman to not plan any events in the fall, and you can avoid the situation all together.

If you are out with your woman and some guy steps all over her new heels, and then fails to apologize or is an asshole about it you have to act.  You only use fisticuffs as a last resort when threatened, but you can’t let that transgression go unopposed.  The guy you are dealing with knows this, he expects to hear something from you and he is ready for it.  If you don’t step up in that situation then your woman may get the impression that if a mugging takes place, she might have to fend for herself or be prepared to run before you do.  It’s the code of men, other men know how the protocol works, so you will exchange words with the guy and some name calling will ensue then people separate you.  Both of you come out looking like a tough guy that was ready to defend his woman’s honor, but just be aware that some men don’t follow the code and you may end up in an actual  fight.

Men should avoid taking the lead in situations where their woman knows more than them.  If your woman is a nurse and someone gets injured, get out of the way and let her user her knowledge to rectify the situaion.  All you are going to do is make the situation worse, and look like an ass doing it.  You have to find tht balance that will keep your woman happy, and prevent you from being too soft.  The most important part is to stay true to yourself and bet he person that you are, if your woman wants you to be a tough guy and that is not in your nature then be confident enough to tell her as much.

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  • Nadia

    One of the best articles i’ve read. Unfortunately too many men are feminine these days !

  • Very good article! I think the whole “metrosexual” thing is fundamentally about a style of dress and nothing else more significant.