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I don’t know much about Women’s fashion; some men do (and I applaud their attention to detail) but I choose to remain ignorant to it just like many things in Men’s fashion. I am aloof to the entire subject but I can tell you what I do or do not like.

This attitude of mine is pretty common amongst men being that our focus has little to do with what you are wearing, how your hair is done, or what color shoes you chose to go with your dress. Our focus is on you – are you attractive or aren’t you?

Being attractive may come from your hair but we’ll let you tell it – if you ask a man what hairstyle on a woman he likes best, do you know what he will say? It’s easy; the man will say whatever hairstyle the majority of his crushes have had. So a Halle Berry mark who grew up listening to Anita Baker will probably say some version of a bob whereas a guy who’s into a Jennifer Garner or Jessica Simpson will say long straight hair.

Men are visual, physical creatures – it’s going to be all about what we can touch, smell and play with. If we had a whiny ex who wouldn’t let us touch her hair during sex because it cost too much to maintain then naturally we will hate it. If we go out with an exotic beauty with curly hair and a few weeks later she gets comfortable and removes the wig then naturally the facade will turn that guy off from wigs forever.

Keep it real or just keep on faking

Men don’t like illusions when it comes to women. A man’s ideal prototype is a woman who maintains that same level of attractiveness she did when he first approached her to go out. Hair has little to do with this; it’s about the total package. Again it’s the same question of are you attractive or aren’t you?

Do you think men as a whole really care THAT much about you sporting some box braids, a buzzed bald cut, or weave? Tell you what – let me line up Beyonce, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, and Rihanna. Once I have these beauities assembled let us take score on how many men will say that these women are ugly or repulsive based on their hair.

Look – If you want to ask go ahead but I caution this: if you let a man dictate your haircut as a woman –  you better be prepared to keep the same hairstyle forever.

We’re not even paying attention…

We get in so much trouble for not even noticing your new, expensive, salon-branded haircut so shouldn’t that be proof enough that we aren’t even paying attention? Keep it fine, tight and together and there will always be a guy checking you out. There is no grand standard of beauty in hair for the man race – we humans are too varied for that.

As an example: I am no fan of Mohawks but you give me Rosario Dawson in the movie Sin City and she could make me a fan with no problem whatsoever. Hair is hair… most of us are about what’s going on beneath it!

So the next time you see one of these stupid surveys where they ask 100 guys what their preference in hair is and a certain standard wins out; please do not come at the rest of us males as if that represents the whole. Stop asking us about your damn hair! It’s your hair! We like what we like and for most of us hair is a small portion of what we look for in our ideal woman.

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  • I must be one of the few people who have had an encounter with a man that did care about the state of my hair. Many years ago, I was going through transition from rocking a perm to being natural; on my online profile, I did let him know that I was going through a transition and that I hadn’t had any updated pictures of myself in my natural state. He said, “Fine, I think you’ll be cool people anyway.” So I didn’t worry too much about it.

    The day of our initial meeting came; by this time, I had gone full fledged and was rocking a very baby fro after cutting what was left of my chemical. He and I met, but I could tell he was disappointed. At the end of the date, he said, “We had fun, but I don’t think you’re as sexy now that you’re natural.”

    Thanks for writing this…perhaps this shows that real men don’t care about hair.

    • You know I was going to say something about this. Some men have certain styles as deal breakers. There are men that HATE weaves and the ones that HATE naturals. Other than those I can agree that they pretty much dont care.

      But for those that hate natural and weaves I can understand their preference cause I know women that hate men with braids or dreads.

      I think that it was cool that the guy was upfront with you but he was rude about it and comes off as very superficial.

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