Sep 12


How many of you women reading are completely happy with your breast size and shape?

Who is this ideal standard of beauty and proportions that we are all trying to be? Celebrities get multiple surgeries to alter their faces, there’s an increase in penile enhancement surgeries, and women are getting plastic surgery and breast augmentation done.

 Is there a standard to this man and woman that we are all trying so desperately to become? What is the perfect breast size, ideal penis size, and what are the preferred facial features for men and women?

The infographic that you see below is taken from The Psychology of Human Sexuality blog by Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller. Its numbers speak volumes on the way that women feel about their breast size, but for me it speaks even louder on humanity’s general dissatisfaction with the bodies that we are born with. Here at The Hall, we have covered the insecurities and social issues that men have with their penises, but women go through many self-image issues when it comes to beauty,


I won’t get into the theory of the media pimping Barbie as the standard for beauty but I will recognize that there is a problem. As men we all have our various flavors, but most times our saying that “your breasts are perfect to me baby” is not enough to convince our ladies. How many of you actually take the time to compliment your girl’s figure when it’s time to get down with the get down? Not the first thing that comes to mind is it?

Well something has to give being that I cannot imagine a world more boring than one with a ton of clones walking around. Variety is the spice of life but unfortunately our realities speak differently – we all want to be something that we’re not. What do you think of Dr. Lehmiller’s infograph? Data for it was taken from a 2008 article in the International Journal of Sexual Health.

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