Sep 14

Women fightingI understand that women are from Venus and we are from Mars or whatever planet you wanna call it but one of the most confusing things to me about women is the hate factor. Women HATE each other so much that when I meet a girl who has a close girlfriend, I assume that there is a superficial reasoning behind it. Now there are exceptions to the rule because I’ve seen some pretty tight, sisterly relationships that weather the storm of life but let’s be honest, unlike men, it doesn’t seem to take much for two women to fall out. Women think their friends want to screw their man, they think their friends are sluts, the list can keep going. The main reason for this article however is in my observance of women shooting units (nasty looks) at other women who has a guy on their arm. This tends to be more prevalent in cases where hater girl sees a guy who looks like her in either race or class, walking with a woman who is either outside of her race or class, or looks better than her (my opinion here). What us guys have observed with this behavior is if you remove the arm candy out of the equation and have us walk solo, hater girl would not even shoot us a glance. This behavior is laughably obvious to guys, even if you think that we aren’t noticing it. Women you are looking like fools and we do talk about you and your lonely, hating asses when you perpetuate this activity. Can I call a cease and desist for the good of all involved?

In the case of guys, a guy will look at a female regardless if she has a dude on her arm or not. Sometimes if a woman is feeling self-conscious, like” small town girl in her first interracial relationship” self-conscious, she will catch the looks and either get intimidated, or get violent (depends on the woman). Similarly, if a guy who is with an exotic (as in girl outside of his social comfort) woman starts to feel self-conscious he may catch a dude looking their direction and mistake it for hate. Let me say this, rare is it that a guy will look at a woman and man, regardless of racial construct, class or make-up and decide that he is mad at the girl because she is with the guy. The typically glance for the average guy can be made into a flowchart: Is she hot? No – stop looking, and find something else to do. Yes – Who is she with? Then you look at the guy. If the guy looks cool (in your opinion), like for me if it is a guy who has his act together, clean, looks like he’s a man’s man, then I smile and look for the next hot girl to gawk at. If she’s with a duck (aka obvious douche bag), pathetic nerd, or a dirt monger, I shrug and look for the next hot girl to gawk at. See the pattern?  That’s the average guy, we really don’t waste our time gawking at other guys with arm candy (especially if you wouldn’t have the balls to step to her if she was alone), trying to get his attention so that we can show him how we disapprove of him.

Women tend to hate each otherMany times in terms of the self-conscious girls is that they will see me looking at them, wonder if I am  hating on her man, and then try to play it tough. I get all of this from a single eye exchange. Women you are mostly alone in this sport of relationship hating, granted theirs a handful of bitch-made dudes who perpetuate this activity but these guys do not make up the majority of the male race. We are simple creatures, we like pretty things, all it takes is something warm and wet to get us off… pathetic, I know but it’s true. Still, our ability to bypass all other hang-ups in the pursuit of sex, makes us clearly superior to you who choose to hate on a girl for being with a guy who you wouldn’t even date in the first place… I jest. Women seem to unconsciously do this, I know it’s general but aside from a few women I know who could give two craps about another female, the majority seem to keep this behavior going. A few men, mostly introverted, nose breathers with racist or classist agendas tend to do this, I am not ignorant to that, but as I stated before, they far from represent the whole. Most guys know it’s a female trait… you know where I’m going with this.

So why do you do this ladies? I understand if it’s a guy who you want, nobody can blame you for being jealous or just daydreaming about the “what if”. What I find hard to understand is the hate you display for the female who has somebody, when that somebody isn’t even a guy you would want to be with. Do you want all women outside yourself to be miserable? That would make more sense to me if you just came out and said it. Is it an unconscious thing, where you don’t even realize that you are doing it? I haven’t even mentioned the females who purposefully flirt with us when the woman isn’t looking, licking the lips and all that. If you’ve read this article and you catch yourself doing it, just know that you are paying yourself a disservice with the activity and the guy does notice. Want to look stupid? Make noises and act like a dumbass when you a see a couple that doesn’t know you, I’m just saying, it’s only what the rest of the world thinks of you.

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  • Rob

    The science behind it is pretty simple. We are animals who are all looking to pass on our genes. We are in a race with every one else to pass on our genes, so anyone of the same sex is a danger to passing on our heritage. Being that there are a lot more girls in the world, there might be something in the back of their mind to be more aggressive. Can’t say males aren’t the same way.

    Girls just tend to be more emotional and put themselves into situations where they are “competing” against another female.


    I think girls get randomly jealous because that back of their head “dominance” thought applies to any cat that crosses their path. The need to hate and compete with any woman.

    I will say this. For a man, the quest is usually more focused on finding a girl.

    A women however, can get a man no problem (if they are willing to drop standards), so maybe the focus is more on being the better female so they can attract the higher level gene.

    In the words of Joe Rogen:

    “P#ssy is so strong that there are dudes willing to blow themselves up for the highly unlikely possibility of p#ssy in another dimension.’

    “No one is paying for dick, dick is free. Anyone who wants dick need merely ask for it. Guys are giving it away.”

    • nia

      i don’t think i agree with that. men are far from focusing on finding a girl. usually their quest is exactly what was said in the article….a warm wet spot to get off on, not to procreate….

      the women that are haters are usually single, lonely, have low self esteem and don’t have any prospects to make themselves feel good about. they focus on that chick who is regular and has a man, and then reflects it upon herself on some ol “what she got that i don’t…why does she get to have a man”…if the chick is pretty, then she hates on her by picking apart her small flaws, such as how her shoes don’t perfectly match the outfit, or how her hair cannot be really hers.

      then there is the friendly hate that occurs between “friends”. those chicks who call themselves close but really don’t like each other. the ones that will allow their so called friend to go out with bad makeup or an outfit that makes her look fat just so the hater can look better. it sucks but some women are just like that where they cannot feel good on their own two….

      • Rob

        mmmmm….you are disagreeing by agreeing lol. The primal instinct behind finding “a warm wet spot to get off on” is that of our nature to procreate.

        We are just conflicted by our intelligence / selfishness to want to go beyond step 1 (sex).

        I don’t think the other part of ur disagreement (if it was one) really conflicts with what I said… idk what to say to that. *shrugs*

        Both are probably truthful. I have been with girls who get that hate on other girls… it doesn’t just apply to the single female. And this ex’s of mine were totally different in personality, so it’s not even an upbringing, or character type.

  • Very nice piece. Generally speaking, women have to do a better job of defeating those insecurities that do not allow them to enjoy meaningful and long-lasting relationships and associations with other women.

  • Greg the Dragon… keep breathing that fire of truth. Finally an aritcle, several , which is worth commenting on. I just didnt have the time to comment on everyone of them.

    Rob explained it well, yes we are human, but alot of us humans have forgotten that we are born with natural instincts….animal like instincts.

    Men bet each other to hit on the hot chick, women drag each other down to try to look superior, and neither sex realizes what is really happening.

    Looking at animals in the wild and comparing with humans say in a bar… we do the same things. Both of the sexes fight with each other to win the prize, strut and display to attract, some mate for life, others dont, some mate with everything that moves……etc…. what messes it all up is we humans dont realize what we truly are and modify that, it is an individual thing. If one realizes what they are then they can fix it or control it. One has to learn to mesh the so to speak caveman/woman with our metro today man/woman.

    Sex like breathing is a natural bodyily occurence,it drives us all, it is when we deny this natural instinct that all the “”twisted things””” start to happen and articles like this come to life. ahhhh I feel better now.

    • Thanks so much for your commentary Hotlips and adding your wisdom to the Hall. I agree with everything you have said in regards to everyone finding that individual answer to what makes us tick and if that really did happen (beyond sexual urges), I think that we all would understand ourselves a little bit better.

      Remember, commentary can be just as valuable if not more to the lurking readers as does the articles on the site. So please keep reading and feel free to comment on anything (even if it’s to tell me that I am dead wrong and suck eggs), we appreciate you and are very happy to have you here.

  • Ashley

    This is great! I especially like what you said about women being jealous of another woman because of who she’s with when it’s not even a man she would want otherwise. Sometimes I see attractive men with women and I’m like, man, if she wasn’t with him…but I don’t see the point in being rude to her. Great article!!