Jun 28


“I will stay on course. Sometimes when I am running a hard work out I get discouraged. I begin to doubt if I can finish. The pain seeps into my lungs, my legs and eventually my heart feels like it will burst. Same as in life when you hit hurdles to your goals. You get weary from trying, your heart has so much pain and begins to think it will fail… As I thought about the hardest workouts and races in my life, I know it is always most difficult right before the finish line and accomplishing what I thought I could not. So I will stay the course. I encourage you to do so as well.”

Lolo Jones (SOURCE)

If you’ve been following Lolo’s life you know her name has become one of the public’s favorite target for scrutiny. From the Olympic disappointments to the Social Media blunders, she is one of those celebrities who walks around with her sneakers in her mouth unable to catch a break. Like Lolo there are many times when the weight of life and ambition threatens to bury us despite our willingness to fight. It’s as if fate wants us to disappear and people are more than willing to speed our departure. It is times like this that we need to hunker down, refocus and put our efforts into overdrive.

“You get weary from trying, your heart has so much pain and begins to think it will fail…”

On this Friday remember to keep the Beast Mode light on green at all times and do the damn thing no matter how much our bodies and minds want it to be easier. What good is the end goal if the journey was easy? Push hard, keep going, and never give up.

Lolo Jones is still kicking despite how you and I may feel about her (well you more than me since I like her), we should all remember to stay the course when times get tough. If you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel then imagine one and keep on pushing.

Happy Friday and stay grinding.

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