Mar 10

weighted pushups, black man push-ups, dumbbells

Don’t you hate it when your body is sore from months of work but you still look like you slam cookies daily? This is one of the main reasons so many of us quit and use genetics as an excuse not to exercise. One of the biggest secrets to getting bigger and stronger is to continuously challenge oneself and be patient with the results! Trying to get a “beach body” or whatever by Summer when you’ve only started working out in March is a lie that is sold to you by workout gurus that are trying to pimp a machine or a Blu-ray box set.

“I don’t know anyone that is a beast off of any workout Blu-ray”

When you decide to get fit, it should be a life decision. What I mean by this is that it needs to be a commitment that you are willing to sustain for the rest of your life  (especially if you are over 30). The only people that can get away with taking time off are those that have worked out most of their lives and have trained their muscles to wake up whenever they are called on. Sure there are some genetic freaks that just look good from the time they wake up, but this is not the norm. The body needs constant coaxing and it does not have the patience for us to stop pushing just because life gets in the way. Many people stop working out because they get depressed, started to go out partying (or eating fatty foods), or decided that it’s too hard. If you want to look good next year, you have to put in the sacrifice this year and life be damned, stick to it all the way through. So stop pausing and get out of the mirror!

If you are still going after starting in January I applaud your dedication, keep it up! While you may not look built (yet) it is coming, but it will only come when you stop obsessing over what you see in the mirror. Do not compare yourself to people that have been doing it for years either. Working out comes with with hills and plateaus but you must not let that long walk in the sun dissuade you (my attempt at a metaphor). Keep on moving and the plateaus will rise eventually, but until then remember – slow and steady wins the race (I drop idioms too). I don’t know anyone in my life that is a beast off of any workout Blu-ray, but I know a ton of people that own them. The people who look like they workout have stuck with the gym for over a year and while that may seem daunting and hardcore it is the truth.

Stick to it, and keep going!

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