Oct 04

couple spooning

So how much would you pay to have someone to snuggle with for an hour, probably nothing right? Especially you men out there who – like me find the act of spooning, cuddling and other touchy, touchy, gameplay a bit of a bother (unless there is a chance of sex happening). Many women reading are probably wondering why, well let me explain; for us guys spooning normally means one arm will be going numb from the lack of circulation (being trapped under you) or it means we will be stuck watching a Rom-Com while we “cuddle” ugh!

Well apparently a lot of people in this world need human contact; so much so that they are willing to pay a petite little lady by the name of Jaqueline Samuel $60 an hour to “cuddle” with them. Jaqueline’s company is called The Snuggery and it provides an a la carte menu for people in need of a hug:

  • 45 minute session:       $50
  • 60 minute session:       $60
  • 90 minute session:       $90

Yes you read that right, people are paying this lady not for sex, but for her to play “little spoon” to their desperate big spoon.

Now I don’t profess to be the smartest man in the world but there’s something rather peculiar (and dare I say dangerous) about this whole arrangement. First of all I give props to Jaqueline for this supreme hustle but this whole thing borders on Japanese levels of sexual weird (no race shade, they have cafes in Japan where you can pay to stare at young girls).

“Some clients like to touch me and some don’t…”

Jaqueline, let me ask you… Isn’t $60 a little cheap to lay down with a dude and feel all sorts of manhood poking you in your back? I mean… what happens if dude gets a little hot during a snuggle? Let me allow my bad, perverted mind to roam a bit because you’re an attractive woman: If I pay $60 for an hour’s hug session and the smell of my manly cologne combined with my gnome nipping at your backside turns you on and the spooning escalates into an extra hour of animalistic sex… is it not prostitution? I’m not saying this could ever happen… I’m just saying – the line could get blurred.

jaquelin samuel

This video on the NY Daily News site has Jaqueline explaining that she has a number of rules that must be obeyed – but come on, we’re all human and we’re all horny. Jackie, talk to me hon… isn’t this playing a tad too close to the line?

On a final note, check out the house that Jaqueline is snuggling people in (ages 21 – 84 apparently), the cottage is NICE. Sexy atmosphere, clean sheets, a travel-sized, warm lady with her butt crammed against your crotch for $60 an hour – hell at the strip club they want $30 for 5 minutes! THIS IS A STEAL! See folks this is what we call “thinking outside the box”, we sit back complaining that some jackass won’t hire us at his job when Jaqueline is charging the game $60 to give you something soft.

So what do you think about this denizens? Is this a Grand Hustle worthy of praise, or is this a horror story in the making?

I can’t lie, if I was local I would have to sample The Snuggery… I’m just saying. I want to know what all the hype is about, hell maybe Jaqueline’s mastery of the art could make me a fan – I know the girlfriend would appreciate it… wait, who am I kidding of course she wouldn’t. Talk to me!

Credit for Photos | Images: The Snuggery
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