Feb 12

rape_gameSo seriously who out there thinks this is cool? I mean thought, planning and execution was placed into this thing in order to generate profit. Profit mind you that a team obviously expected to obtain from Japanese gamers and I am guessing off-shore gamers as well. Without getting into cultural differences in respects to women, lets just consider rape. You know rape, the act of having someone violate and drive themself into an orifice without consent. If you cannot relate as a guy, just remember that dudes get raped too. I have never been raped but I don’t plan to nor do I want to… so you can imagine I don’t find it sexy in the least.

I used to watch comical hentai that I felt was harmless since the sex was either used as a weapon or the rapists were basically plants, demons or animals. I would pop in La Blue Girl with my friends and watch Nin Nin and Mido Miko fend off the demons with their “sex craft” and ninja skills… Mido Miko would always win at the end of the day. In Urotsukidoji aka Legend of the Overfiend, the races of Maki and human interacted through sexual rape but at times the females were the ones raping men. Not that you would understand but to us this was harmless, sexual anime and we could joke about them with anyone because most people agreed that it was just naughty art.

Then we got our hands on real hentai… namely a series called Cool Devices which showcased and glorified men raping young women… and without going into detail, let’s just say it scarred it us badly. Some semi-hentai remain in my collection but they are basically stories that happen to have sad situational rape in them, movies like Mezzo Forte and Kite. Cool Devices is on my shelf but it won’t be for long, I could never watch it again… with all that history of hentai, along with some date sim games here and there. I have never ever wanted to play a “rape game”. 

So what am I going on about? Well rape is a brutally, scarring, life-changing attack on any human being… so why in the hell would you want to play a videogame where your main focus is to stalk and rape a woman and her daughters? Being that this was a Japan exclusive title (and please I reserve judgement since I am an outsider) I can make reference to attitudes towards women in Japan, but in my Western mind it is alarming, so I just won’t go there. Having watched a number of Japanese AV porn titles, I understand that screaming girls is somewhat of a turn-on for some guys… but isn’t this taking it to a different level?

Anyway, the official shock thread at Jezebel can be found at: http://jezebel.com/5152478/amazon-drops-rape-simulation-video-game  where it turns out that Amazon had this title available for a bit. I wonder how many cyber rapists have scooped this hot little title up. Yet another reason to fear having a daughter in the future, oigh!

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  • Wow! And I thought it was bad enough that I know someone who grew up playing a game called… The Assassination of JFK. – As kids, they would simulate the motorcade and the people and the grassy knoll.. and the whole thing! From the shots to the death! I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys grew up to be software designers and have some input in to these rape simulation games. Weird..

  • Actually.. it’s disgusting!!!

    • Oh Jackie if I were to tell you some things about Japan and their taste for young girls you would probably pass out. Let’s just say they have a very, very different level of acceptance over there.

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  • Florence MacKenna

    As a feminist… I see nothing wrong with this. Rape fantasy is a common and generally healthy thing. Yes, I could see games like making some people think rape is okay, but those people are either too emotionally mature to be playing pornographic games to begin with, or they’ve got some severe mental or emotional disorders. The focus should be on making sure minors can’t get their hands on games like this, and on treating mental illness that makes people think rape is acceptable, not trying to censor pornography.