Jan 19

I know we often hear about being the alpha male, letting your beast mode personality do the talking for you, and having the mindset that any girl can be yours. I’m here to drop a little reality on the situation. You can be alpha all day long, but until you truly evaluate what you see in the mirror, you’re going to be disappointed with the chicks that are interested.

Now don’t get me wrong, I strongly support the alpha personality. I know that only suckers are holding their girls purse while she shops for shoes with his credit card. That’s being a beta, and nothing kills my soul more than seeing a beta male in action. Something I think most guys neglect to realize is there’s a difference between being alpha and being attractive.

These guys, and even myself a while back, get the alpha mentality and think they can score any broad in town. That alpha mentality does go a long way, but if you are out of shape and unkempt, you will not score a hot chick. The only exception to this rule is if you’re wealthy, or starring in a movie. Yes, Chris Farley and Seth Rogan end up with hot chicks in their movies, and we all watch them thinking how ridiculous it is. Fat and/or ugly dudes watch those movies and think they can score hotties for no apparent reason.

If you want to be a real alpha, you see the kind of girl you want and you go through the pain of making yourself a god. Your goal should be making your dream type of girl chase YOU. That’s only going to happen if you take the proper steps. Hit the gym, eat right and get some style. To think you somehow deserve a 10 when you’re sitting around being a 6 is delusional. You don’t deserve a hot woman unless you’re willing to man up and make yourself desirable.

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