Sep 30

Every strong woman that I have ever dated has been a sweetheart when it came to the actual relationship.

I think that a lot of tough girls who stand up for themselves and can physically fight you back, are stereotyped wrongly as this hyper-masculine, evil, bitch that isn’t capable of love.

Many of you reading have seen a strong woman walking around with a guy that you assume is either weaker than she is or if he’s muscular – you assume him a big, patient, teddy bear type. Then you wonder at how he could possibly deal with her whenever the arguments start.

I’ll tell you this right now, it takes a special kind of guy to date a strong woman – personally I have never had a problem with it. The main reason for this is that strong women in matters of love and affection are no different than the girly girls.

Being able to take care of yourself does not automatically make you a pariah in society. The girls I was with would cry when they were upset, shop at Victoria’s Secret, whatever – standard stuff.

The only difference was the physical and the fact that if I came incorrectly she would call me on my bull without any hesitation. Being that i’m not a douchebag it has never gone there.

Fellas you just don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never dated a woman like this – a warrior princess that can hold you down. This is why I’m one of the biggest Michelle Rodriguez fans – I’m all about that Letty (shout out to the Fast and Furious fans). You gotta love a woman with fire, if you don’t then move out of the way, hold your hater tongue and let the big dogs eat. WOOF!

I grow tired of the generalizations by weaker cats who have no experience with a firecracker. Date who you dig and leave the other women’s names out of your mouth. Strong women don’t let these fools tame you, get with something harder. You know what I mean?

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