Dec 30


If I could sum up 2013, I would say that it was a year where the old racists reminded the younger (and more liberal) generation that they won’t be leaving anytime soon. It was a year where the divide between men and women widened into a massive chasm, and it was a year that our boys were forgotten. 2013 made us focus more on Miley’s young buttocks than on the men and women in our military that are fighting and dying even now. We somehow ignored a great Medal of Honor recipient in lieu of Beyonce television 24/7/365. It was not a very good year.

Did you find yourself caught up in the hype when people posted Onion articles as if they were real? Did you share a Morgan Freeman photo with the words RIP assuming it to be Nelson Mandela? Are you of the mind that the reason why white America abhors Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber is because they “act black”? Well if you are there is little my list can do for you. If you are like me and fed up with people allowing themselves to be led, controlled and used, then the following list should help you get over it in 2014.

1. I will live my life outside of Social Media

Can we all work a little bit more on this? When you’re at the gym and tempted to take a selfie to show the world that you are actually acting on your “new body”, take the time instead to squeeze in another rep or two. People will be more impressed when you show up at the Easter party looking like a beast than to see post #300 of your “progress” on your timeline. Seriously, give it a rest. You don’t have to quit social media cold turkey, but make an attempt at slowing it down. Grab an eBook if you’re bored, or play a game. Checking Facebook around the clock is something to ditch in 2014.

2. I will set some financial goals now, as in RIGHT NOW

Everybody wanted to claim the title of “hustler” in 2013, but few if any were actually hustling or more specifically hustling forwards. You cannot nickel and dime a new idea just to look the part of a hustler. You need to be making money! You working your 9 to 5, barely paying your bills (while complaining) and not making moves to get another job or a side hustle does not earn you the right to call yourself a hustler. Set some quarterly goals for 2014, this can be your savings, your investments, or your firm assets and make it a mission to reach them. There is no reason without a plan, and as we enter the new year, you should have a plan.

3. I will travel to somewhere else

Lots of the backwards, semi-racist, conservative line of thinking that you keep getting in trouble for are due to you living and having lived in a bubble. There are many affordable options to traveling around the country (and overseas if you’re brave) and you should treat yourself to a vacation outside of your comfort zone. This isn’t to say that everyone who travels is enlightened but I can tell you that the people I know who do, look at life in a way that is more reassuring than those who haven’t budged.

4. I will help fuel a child’s imagination

Isn’t it funny that we are now breaking our necks to get more kids into coding but at the same time we stifle their creativity by making everything quick, easy, and already answered for them. Creativity comes from a place of need… it’s probably the same reason you can’t find a proper hustle to get into. Imagination comes from creativity, and if everything is there for you, there is no reason to imagine. This is why it is important for us to stroke the flames of imagination in children so that this new age of copy cats with no expansion will not continue.

5. I will turn a deaf ear to losers and complainers

Some people get off on playing the victim role and telling you how much life sucks because of how they were born. The best people tend to take the dice that they were given, or the cards that they were dealt and playing the hell out of them . These people inspire us, even those of us who seemingly have everything. On the flip side a constant victim sucks the life out of us. Many of these victims have blogs with huge followings and post almost daily about how life sucks to look like them, or to have bad luck like them, or OH PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP. We need to make complaining unpopular again if we wish to slow it’s rapid growth.

If the majority of people were to magically wake-up from the blue pill hell of Fox News, and social media, can you imagine how beautiful 2014 could be? Let us be the leaders to start this movement and live life for life, instead of letting memes, mock websites, and wealthy opportunists drive our thoughts.

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