Sep 05

I first saw Zoe on Pirates of The Caribbean as the original owner of the Black Pearl and between her and Naomie Harris I was having milk chocolate overload. Well if Zoe Saldana doesn’t already have a little tattoo saying “Carpe Diem” by now she should get one because since Pirates she has kicked down Hollywood’s door and demanded that the action audience take notice.

Well we have, and while her first headliner Colombiana wasn’t the greatest story ever told in an action film, this slender lady cracking necks and blazing deadly fire was all the audience needed; girl power was in effect and Zoe was steering the ship.

A Quick Look at Her Filmography

Before Colombiana it was she along with a few other memorable faces that steered James Cameron’s Avatar, and having Sigourney Weaver onboard was beyond epic. She took over as Uhura in the new re-imagination of Star Trek and rocked the role. Zoe has not accepted any other roles that didn’t involve a girl kicking some ass. You can see Zoe’s full filmography HERE.

Lady Dragon and Race Arguments

Zoe was also voted in as Lady Dragon of The Year in 2008 and it was not a close vote, the denizens love her. While her race has been debated constantly by people wanting to “claim” her, Zoe strongly self-identifies as a black woman. She is one of the most verbal actresses about this and one of the few people to take personal responsibility for her career (she doesn’t blame The Man for holding her down). You will be seeing a lot more of this little lady as the years pass so you better get used to her.

The fans have asked for her to be featured after Colombiana so without further ado here she is. The indomitable Zoe Saldana!

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  • Ndidi

    I love her and you are right she is moving up in the action world

    • Thanks for making the suggestion Ndidi, it was ironic that it came in around the same time I was writing about her 🙂 Great minds think alike. Zoe is a strong woman, and seems pretty determined to succeed, we have much to see of her I bet.